Drive Massive Traffic to Your Art Website: Master Course Curriculum

Get more eyes on your artist website—from search, social, referrals, repeat traffic and local—and grow your audience exponentially. This comprehensive, multi-faceted Master Course training will be released over 5 months starting in October 2021 and is yours to keep forever.

  • 2

    Social Traffic (Oct)

    • Course Syllabus: Social Traffic

    • Getting a "Hell-Yeah!" Response

    • Creating Audience Experiences

    • Choosing Social Channels

    • Organic and Ads (Killer Combo)

    • What to Post (and not)

    • Additional Resources

  • 3

    Local Traffic (Nov)

    • Gaining Local Visibility

    • Making Youtube Work For You

    • Local Yelp for National Artists

    • Creating Local Experiences for Social Press

  • 4

    Search Traffic (Dec)

    • How to Climb the Search Engine Ladder

    • Build Authority With Your Blog

    • Your Secret Weapon: Footer Pages

    • Garnering Publicity and Backlinks

    • Focus on The Greatest Returns

  • 5

    Repeat Traffic (Jan)

    • Let Automated Emails Do the Heavy Lift

    • Write Emails People Actually Ready

    • Grab The Audience with Better Headlines

    • Crank Up Your Email Open Rates

  • 6

    Referral Traffic (Feb)

    • Find Champions, Evangelists, and Affiliates

    • Equip Your Evangelists to Sell You

    • Train Yourself for Better Conversations

    • How to Start an Affiliate Program