Course Description

Interested in wholesaling your art or handmade work? Wholesaling is a sustainable model that can help you scale your small business. 

This course contains essential information on how the wholesale marketplace works, how to get started, and best practices for success.

Art Business Writer, Speaker and Consultant

Carolyn Edlund

Carolyn Edlund is an art business consultant, writer and speaker, teaching courses on marketing, sales and other topics for artists and makers. With a background that includes 20 years running her own successful production studio, and seven years as a sales rep for a national art publisher, she has extensive experience in all aspects of launching and growing a creative business.Since founding Artsy Shark in 2009, she has written hundreds of articles and taught live workshops on the business of art throughout the U.S. and internationally.In her work with The Arts Business Institute, she presents live workshops throughout the United States and abroad, writes business articles and provides consultations.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Wholesaling Basics

    • Getting Started

    • Is Wholesaling Right for You?

    • How Wholesaling Will Change Your Small Business

    • Self-Evaluation: What Would Your Wholesale Business Look Like?

    • Self-Evaluation: What Would Your Wholesale Business Look Like Downloadable PDF

  • 2

    Moving from Consignment to Wholesale

    • Consigning vs. Wholesaling

    • Making the Transition

    • Consignment Can Still be Useful - Here's Why

    • Negotiating Wholesale/Consignment with Store Buyers

    • Artist Story: Evelyn Pelati Dombkowski

    • Self Evaluation: Consignment to Wholesale

    • Self-Evaluation: Consignment to Wholesale Downloadable PDF

  • 3

    The Wholesale Marketplace

    • Wholesale Trade Shows

    • Making Online Sales

    • Hire Sales Representatives

    • DIY Wholesaling

    • Artist Story: Emilie Cardinaux

    • Self-Evaluation: Approaching Wholesale Customers

    • Self Evaluation Approaching Wholesale Customers Downloadable PDF

  • 4

    Your Business Structure and Systems

    • Business Essentials

    • Production Setup

    • Production Calendar

    • Plan Your Marketing

    • Marketing and Sales Tools

    • Artist Story: Ruchi Gupta

    • Self-Evaluation: Business Essentials

    • Self-Evaluation: Business Essentials Downloadable PDF

  • 5

    Pricing and Profitability

    • The Basic Pricing Formula

    • What are Materials Costs?

    • What is Labor Cost?

    • What is Overhead?

    • What is Cost of Sale?

    • What is Profit?

    • Retail Markup

  • 6

    Getting Paid

    • Terms of Payment

    • Extending Credit

    • When It's Time to Collect

    • Self-Evaluation: Payment Terms

  • 7

    Building Strong Customer Relationships

    • What Do Retailers Want?

    • Exclusivity

    • Be a Good Partner to Your Retailers

    • Outstanding Customer Service

    • Self-Evaluation: Retail Relationships

    • Self Evaluation Retail Relationships Downloadable PDF

  • 8


    • Successful Wholesaling

    • Thank You


5 star rating

Extremely Informative

Karlie Carpentier Rosin

I found this wholesaling course extremely helpful! It taught me a lot about wholesaling and if it’s the right market for my artwork. It also taught me a lot ...

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I found this wholesaling course extremely helpful! It taught me a lot about wholesaling and if it’s the right market for my artwork. It also taught me a lot about pricing for this industry, and in my business in general. This course has a great variety of texts, videos and self evaluations and Carolyn is very eloquent and dynamic. I highly recommend this course if you’re curious about wholesaling!

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