Inspiring Artists to Build Better Businesses

Marketing is an activity every artist must do, and social media marketing is often a big part of that task. If you are active on Instagram (or would like to be), you need smart strategies to get noticed, gain followers, and increase engagement. We've just launched a new online e-course created specifically for artists on Instagram. It's the most effective social media platform for creative professionals to promote and sell. Purchase this course once and keep it forever. It's accessible 24/7 on our learning platform as your guide to Instagram growth.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Instagram for Artists

    • Welcome to this Course

    • Self-Evaluation for Instagram

    • Overview of Instagram's features

    • Navigating the Instagram Platform

    • Developing a Content Strategy

    • CASE STUDY: En Iwamura

  • 2

    Your Instagram Strategy

    • Define your Goals and Objectives

    • Focus your Instagram Profile

    • Your Target Audience and Niche

    • CASE STUDY: Zaria Forman

    • Post Consistently

  • 3

    Highly Effective Marketing

    • Pillars of Engagement

    • Harness the Power of Hashtags

    • CASE STUDY: Halaburda

    • Game Changer: Freebies and Contests

    • The Multi-Step Campaign Method

    • The BIG List of Content Ideas

    • Selling Directly on Instagram

  • 4

    Building and Engaging Your Community

    • Network for Success

    • Making Ads that work for you

    • Unleash the Power of Influencers on an Artist's Budget

    • CASE STUDY: Jen Stark

    • Avoid Scammers

  • 5

    Advanced Techniques and Growth Hacking

    • Decode Your Analytics: Instagram Insights

    • Business Account Management Tools

    • CASE STUDY: Lisa Congdon

    • Using AI Generated Content

    • Becoming an Influencer

    • Hiring a Social Media Manager

    • BONUS: Artist Checklist


This complete course is suitable for beginners to experienced users, with essential information from getting started to supercharging your Instagram presence.

  • $49.00

    This self-paced course, created especially for artists, will be your go-to guide for developing a winning Instagram strategy.

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Hallie Edlund

Hallie Edlund is a seasoned professional specializing in social media management, website development, and virtual assistance. She holds a bachelor's degree in Art from Towson University. With over a decade of experience, she has a proven track record of successfully helping artists grow their small businesses and online presence. When she's offline, Hallie enjoys cooking elaborate Italian recipes and exploring nature with her dog in Washington State. To work with Hallie, contact her at [email protected]